The Christmas Candle

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When THE CHRISTMAS CANDLE opens in theaters the weekend of November 22, you have an incredible opportunity to inspire families and provide a powerful outreach to the local community. Your organization can buy out a showtime for opening weekend or partner with other churches or local groups to do so.

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Buy Out Options

  I'd like to host a buy-out on my own. (Approximate cost is $2,000)


  I'd like to Sponsor a Buy Out with other Co-Sponsors:
  Two Co-Sponsors ($1000 each)   Four Co-Sponsors ($500 each)   Ten Co-Sponsors ($200 each)   Other Co-Sponsors

NOTE: Co-Sponsors of a Buy Out must ALL work under a SINGLE Lead Sponsor who collects money from the other Co-Sponsors and makes a single payment for the Buy Out. This Lead Sponsor also serves as our single point of contact. Please identify who the LEAD SPONSOR will be, if not you.


  I'd also like to DONATE ticket(s) for Echolight to distribute for me to religious leaders, military personnel, students and others in need.

1 Theater Buyout = $2,000.00
1 Movie Ticket = $10.00

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